Sunday, June 03, 2012

My memories of being President of the United States in 1962 -63

I was born in the 1950's and when the 1960's came around it was a time of great change. I was from the time I could walk interested in history and the American Presidency. I read everything I could on the subject and did my best to keep satisfied on every little factoid on the office. By 1962 I had become enamored with the sitting President, John F. Kennedy. In fact I would watch his talks and enjoy the press conferences in which he was quite entertaining and funny.

 By the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis I had decided that it would be fun to create my own little Oval Office. So at this tender age I was signing bills and doing my talks to my imaginary visitors. I had decided to pretend I was President Kennedy. It was a fun game for me as he had become my hero. Through out the coming year I was equally enjoying my role. Signing bills in a cursive handwriting I did not know yet. But I did a great signature.  I signed it John F Kennedy but you would never be able to read it. But to my great imagination it was as plain as the nose on your face.

 I had a little desk set up in front of my closet and this is where I would sign the bills and reign over my imaginary nation. I wish I had written the President and told him of my game, and how I enjoyed it so.  It was so interesting to me and I guess he night have found it nice to know that a little boy was having fun pretending I was he. As time went on I watched more and more of the press conferences and speeches of which I would do in my oval office.

 However, my entire world was rocked on November 22, 1963. I need not explain what happened. But I was at school and suddenly I found my hero was dead. I watched the entire funeral. But after it was all over, I never watched the press conferences after as they were dull and boring. My little oval office was dismantled and I would learn cursive writing, but sadly would never sign a bill.  The fun of it all had died on a street in Dallas Texas.

About a week after the funeral I had a dream. The kind of dream only a young child could have. In this dream I  guess it was wishful thinking. But I saw myself go to Abraham Lincoln's grave and I put a band-aid on his head and he came back to life, then I went to JFK's grave and did the same. It was such a vivid dream that it is fresh in my mind today. Cause after I had put band-aids on my two Presidential friends we walked together singing together.

 I guess that dream ranks as one of the most bizarre dreams of my life. But in the mind of that child that was me so long ago, I had come to aid of my hero.