Sunday, November 18, 2012

A most dire message to Congress by President Buchanan.. January 8, 1861

From the last printing of the House Records before the Civil War comes this message. The House records for this period are stock full all kinds of issues, demands, resignations, and captures of Federal locations in the south. It was period of great upheaval. From the House Records printed March 2, 1861 comes this message from the President. I tried to open the book to copy it as well as I can, but a little is lost due to a 150 year old book does not like to be spread too far. So I was able to capture 98% of it and you can figure out the few words that were lost. So here from Jan. 8, 1861. Comes the words from a weary and terrified chief executive on the the issues at hand.  Few histories ever use many of these messages at all and it is good to see what what the feeling was at the time by the sitting President from the original words and writings, rather than from someones interpretation of it.