Friday, November 16, 2012

Valentino's last movie "Son of the Sheik"..It opened just as he died in the late summer of 1926. Here are some original ads for it.

About 25 years ago I met an old lady who had been a great fan of Rudolph Valentino. She had started her own fan club. She had a big folder of Valentino memorabilia and even had some pictures.  She was selling it all and I could not afford many of the items. Although I wish I had bought a large poster of the "Son of the Sheik". I am sure that has a very special value today. But what I was able to get from her was a large folder of newspaper clippings and a few movie items. I am sometime going to put many of the Newspaper articles up. But there are so many of them. perhaps 150 of them ..Most dealing with his funeral.  This woman also had a envelope marked Valentino questions and answers.  It was questions that were put in the paper and then he or a press agent would answer them.  She had saved all the answers.  Maybe that would be an interesting post when I get all of these papers together. As I said it is a large mass of newspapers in fragile condition. But it will be on soon   For now a few of the items that talk about his last movie which opened on Aug 30, 1926

I had not known where this folder was for a long time. in fact the last time I had looked at this was in the late 1990's. So today by chance I opened a packed box I had that I had not gone through in ages and I found the  large folder. I will add more of this later.

I will have added a picture of some of the papers from this folder kept lovingly by a great fan of Rudy.

These are great handouts for the movie that were given out at theaters. 

This is a newspaper ad for the movie.

And as mentioned the envelope with questions and answers.

She saved Valentino notes everywhere. Even in this gasoline ad book marked in pencil Valentino notes!

Lastly that file with countless newspaper articles in it.