Saturday, November 03, 2012

Farewell Columbia University. Where I could work and enjoy the company of brilliant friends.

It has been my honor to be close to a few people at this wonderful school and I have been there countless times since 2004 on. This last Sept I was there for the last time. It was bittersweet and a bit sad. But I always do a lot of writing there in my journal and I have done several of my posts to this blog from there since 2006. It was a place I could work and study with my friends. So I wrote and did a bit of work on a last entry for my blog there . I also wrote a lot in my journal. I am on my 33 volume of my journal since it starting many years ago. I always like to have the book in the physical place that I write about so I can say the book "was there".  Now it has left, most probably never to return. It is part of our lives as we journey and change. We gain wonderful things and we lose them as well. So To Don, Chang, Xian, and a few others. Fare thee well as you all journey to different parts of the country and make it a better place.  Bye my friends. Hope I see you all someday soon.

My journal number 33 on a well used desk at Columbia University. Ending an era of eight years.