Saturday, September 09, 2006

An Important fact when talking about the World Trade Center and the problems dealing with the air around the site

I have not seen this anywhere when dealing with the World Trade Center.

I spent many days in the World Trade Center towers. I have written much on the problems and disaster of September 11th.

But I want to go into a new field of theory concerning the the disaster. When ever I was in the towers, it was so easy to see outside as there were so many glass windows. The observation area was incased in many glass windows. I spent many hours up there.
I used to go to Windows on the World restaurant in the World Trade Center tower.

I was up there one time during a terrible thunder and lighting storm with heavy winds and nasty lighting and thunder. It was scary to be up there. I was on the 104 floor at that time. The sounds that howled from the elevator shafts were scary too. I was happy to get out that night.

But I am getting away from my thought here about the disaster. There was glass everywhere on the towers...when the disaster took place the one thing no one saw was glass!!!!! No glass anywhere!!!

WHERE WAS THE GLASS???????????????????????

What I am suggesting is that the glass was pulverized into very small airborne fragments and entered the lungs of many of the first responders. To day there is a big battle over if there were chemicals in the air to hurt people. There may have been....But no one mentioned anything about glass!

I feel that much damage happened to the early responders from the glass that was in the air. Just a guess on my part but I thought it could be an interesting theory.

There was no glass the for the one area that I wrote about earlier that I entered on September 9th.

If so I can understand why no one saw higher levels of containments...and there was no test for glass in the air.

Today there are many suffering from lung problems who were first responders....

I wonder if the glass had something to do with it??????????????????????


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That's where I saw it too."

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