Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Woops!!!! The government forgot to turn off the gas to the Capital building in Washington D.C. ... November 6, 1898

What was left of the gas meter
The area around the explosion
The walls were falling in law offices
Floors were blown out

Damage was everywhere

A lot of damage was done in the Supreme Court, which at the time was located in the old house chamber. The windows were even blown out on the roof

The walls were damaged and windows were blown out. It was quite an explosion......All because they forgot to turn off the gas! It was at one time the greatest of lighting systems...But electric lighting beat out gas...But you have to make sure you turned off the gas!

In the 1880's the US Capital building was electrified. The new lighting was much better and safer than the earlier lighting system. However they forgot to turn off one of the gas lines and on November 6, 1898..There was a massive explosion at the US Capital. Damaging the Supreme Court, Law offices and the old House Chamber. It took out many floors and walls. Today we worry about government inefficiency..But it was very prevalent even in 1898. So always remember to TURN OFF THE GAS!!!!!!!!!

One of the most unknown mistakes made in Government

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