Sunday, September 24, 2006

Peter Jennings 1938-2005....I found him to be a real delightful person.

Peter presented me with this book and inscription in 2001

He sent me this picture and marked it "Always listening" which he was always checking on my recordings and my work.

We are having fun making a recording on an early recording machine in his office at ABC in 2001.

I met Peter Jennings for the first time in 2000. I met him in 2000 when I was helping a news man at ABC on a show about light pollution. (crazy subject)....But at that time I met Peter. He was a very warm and delightful man. He invited me in our first meeting to come in his office and we had egg rolls and chatted for about a half hour. As we chatted he looked at his watch and said "woops I have to get ready to do the news"....."Come down with me and watch"...So I did...and it was interesting to watch the ABC news in the studio.
After the program we chatted a little more and then I left. The reason we had met in the first place was to make some recordings for a project I had started using early Edison recording equipment from 1908....I had mentioned to him that I was going to record Isaac Stern later in the week and he laughed..."You will never get him to stop talking" He was right!

We made our recording in early 2001 as you can see on the picture. It was fun and we had a great time. He also made a recording for his kids...Which I am sure they are very happy to have today. In March we made a few more recordings and he presented me with his book in which he wrote a wonderful inscription in which you can see in the picture above.

He told me that all he became was because of his fathers help. His father was one of the founders of the Canadian broadcasting system. Peter said he did a show on air as a boy and never stopped. We had met several times and had some wonderful conversations...

He told me about some of his rough interviews and his likes and dislikes. We had a common bond as he was mainly self educated as well...abet did a hell of a lot more with his talents than I...
Every now and then he would send me an email or call to see how things were going. I was most honored when a friend of mine met him in 2004 and talked about working with me and Peter told him all about me and my work.

He was man who had it all and was sadly taken from us. We had talked of working together on some recording projects ...doing some former Presidents and public officials...But sadly that will never happen.

I wanted to write a little about him and to say thanks for being a friend. You did a lot Peter, for which we all thank you too!

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