Monday, September 18, 2006

JFK's back brace had a lot to due with his death.

Although we always have the image of Kennedy(JFK) as a vigorous and healthy man ...He was nothing of the kind. He was remarkably unwell, weak, had a terrible back, had Addison's disease, and also had a medical book full of smaller problems including sexually transmitted diseases. ie. He was a MESS!

Now when he was shot which solved the problem of what to do with all of his other problems, they became mute after his death...and the nonsense of the lie Camelot was born. We have been showered with absolute nonsense dealing with his death.

One thing I will say, the assassination really made Kennedy a hero...It allowed for the showbiz piece called Camelot to exist.
Even Jackie Kennedy regretted in her later years about creating such a large piece of fiction.

So we have the image of the President.....

Now he was very ill so he needed a great deal of help to do many things.
First off he needed many drugs to get him going and keep him strong..But there were no good drugs for his back. So he often wore a back brace. This was a serious piece and it was wrapped around with ace bandages. It kept him rigid, so he would not stress his back...

Little did they know that when Oswald shot him he was just sitting there..and could not bend down or crumple as he was bound in his back brace...He was a sitting duck!

Few mention the fact that he was bound in his back brace and it affected his reactions to being shot...He bounced back and forth when he was finally shot in the head. Many have said this was because of a shooter in front of him...It was his brace snapping him back into place........He didn't have a chance in that brace.

I have always liked Kennedy as he really was..Yes he was a spoiled brat, could be rotten bastard, not anywhere as awful as Bobby though. Bobby was hated by just about everyone. But even he got his own Camelot after he got shot. Sadly just another piece of fiction.

But JFK was different, he was the only one in the family that read, and seemed to give a damn. The rest including dad "Joe the bootlegger" were just there and completely self absorbed.
He was a party boy with a quick wit....and his dad bought the office for him. That's all

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how can a naval capt. be so inept to have been run over by a lumbering jap. destroyer while in command of the swiftest manueverable boat on the high seas ?

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