Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The arrival of the RMS Olympic in New York on her maiden voyage. (older sister to the Titanic) Scientific American.. July 1, 1911

The RMS. Olympic was the first of the three massive sisters of the Olympic class of the White Star Line. Their names would be Olympic, Titanic, and originally Gigantic (later called Britannic).
The Olympic was first of the trio. She arrived in New York City Harbor after her maiden voyage in June of 1911. She was an absolute sensation. She was the "ship of dreams", "the millionaires special", everything that we think was said about the Titanic was said about the Olympic. She was truly the star of the trio.

She was largest ship in the world, practically unsinkable, and was also the most luxurious vessel on the sea. She also had as few lifeboats as the Lusitania and Mauritania. But since she was thought to be as unsinkable as the those vessels, she carried as few as they did. To be fair the Olympic and Titanic did carry more lifeboats than the previously mentioned ships.

Of course today we only know about the second ship of this series, the Titanic. In the thought of the time, she was just another Olympic. That is why there is so little press coverage of her voyage.

She was just another Olympic! Today few know about the most famous Olympic. The Titanic did what the Olympic never did...She sank!

This is the original article in Scientific American about the ship of wonder and her first arrival in New York.....The RMS. Olympic.