Friday, October 09, 2009

Artistic effects of the Pan American exposition...Review of Reviews, June 1901

The world's Fair in Buffalo New York was one of wonder and electricity. More so than in any fair before it, electricity and electrical lighting were some of its most important wonders. The fair was right by Niagara Falls and the new Westinghouse power station there. Much of the system was due to the work of Tesla, the electrical wizard. The pictures and article here are all about the artistic effects to the fair, and much of that was due to electric lighting. The fair would in time become infamous for being the location of the assassination of the President, William McKinley. But let us enjoy a happy period in the fairs history, before the dark days of September 1901.

This article comes from the June issue of Review of Reviews, which was a most important monthly publication in New York. In copying this I had trouble with the first page. However the rest of the article is quite readable and hopefully for you, enjoyable.