Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Watergate cartoons and articles from my scrapbook kept from 1973-1974 Part 1

I started this scrapbook in 1973. I had papers already all over the place and many had been taped on walls. So I decided on Dec 21, 1973 to start a scrapbook of current events. Of course the big issue at the time was Nixon and Watergate. I will have 2 batches here of cartoons and articles dealing with Watergate. I start this with the first page marked Dec 21, 1973. The next batch will have an equal amount if not more of cartoons of the period. Hope you enjoy!The early cartoons here were originally taped on my bedroom wall. That is why they have marks on them from the old tape.

Two really great cartoons of the period

VP Agnew was a disaster and it looks for a while that there might be a impeachment trial for both the President and Vice President!

I always loved the cartoon here of Rose Mary Woods twisted out of shape !

I got this from school..It seems someone in school did a little artwork on the teeth of the cartoons here.
Here was a plea of fairness for Mr Nixon. Will continue....