Thursday, October 15, 2009

Watergate cartoons and articles from my scrapbook kept from 1973-1974 Part 2

I have added some more cartoons from the Watergate era in my scrapbook from 1973-74. Most of this deals with Nixon and Watergate. But a few things are on issues from the Nixon administration at that time. It was an amazing period in history. It was a time of great doubt in the government and the country as a whole.Henry Kissinger was in the forefront not only in issues dealing with the White House, but the international situation.
I loved this cartoon at the time it came out in 1973.

Nixon started Daylight savings time to save energy. For those of you old enough to remember it. It changed our time around by 2 hours. So those on their way to school like in this cartoon, were in the dark in the morning. I remember it well. It would get light in the winter mornings around 8:30-9 am with this new time schedule. We would start school in the dark. But we would have daylight till around 7 Pm. It was something that really had an impact on a lot of people. So I can understand the feelings of the fellow in the cartoon!
Gerald Ford who replaced the disgraced Spiro Agnew
A favorable cartoon

More people did not want to see him go at the time of this poll. But things would change.

This was a great cartoon with the tape
Nixon in the eyes of the public and the cartoonists
Spokesman Ron That was job no one wanted.

Of course streaking became a big thing in 1974. As you can see in the writing here and the bottom cartoon streaking became a part of public fascination and part of great humor. I love the Nixon streaking cartoon. I laughed so hard when I saw it in the paper in 1974. I still laugh at it.

The bitter end...It looked bad for everyone ..
Aug. 8, 1974 at 9:08pm..... It was all over. He announced he would resign the following day. I remember it well. I was watching it all live. It was one of those surreal moments that you experience only a few times in life.