Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An afternoon in Fremont,Ohio at the Rutherford B Hayes home and Presidential Center. Also in the midst of a Civil War reenactor gathering. Oct 2012.

While on a journey in a U-haul truck helping my friend move to Chicago. Which was a story in itself. We had a chance to stop at several interesting places on the way. We spent the night in Fremont, Ohio.  That morning after Breakfast decided to check out the Rutherford B Hayes home and library. It is a lovely place and the grounds are great too. The house has been lovingly cared for and the collections in the Museum are really quite amazing as well. So it just happened that on this weekend we were traveling, there was a Civil War reenactors gathering. So we wandered around and stepped back in time for a short while.  We took some pictures and thought I would share a little for you here.

At the entrance to the Hayes home.

The cannons were set. The weather was nice and all the people were very sweet. I went to the Museum and saw many of the Hayes artifacts. Jason was the one who took all the pictures. I was also able to buy a book that was removed from the old Hayes Library. So it was nice to bring a little piece of history home.

The camp and shops

Some folks really got into it as this couple did.

This fellow explained the various items used by a Civil War soldier.

Various parts of the camp. There was historical reasons for this as President Hayes used to have reunions of soldiers of his company meet on the lawns of his home.

I am here at the graves of Rutherford and Lucy Hayes. Also some of their children are buried here as well. The Hayes were re-buried here in 1915 around the time of the opening of the Hayes Museum here. One odd factor of the re-burial was that Mrs.Hayes's wedding ring fell out from a hole in the bottom of her casket. It was collected and put on display in the museum. 

Shopping for Victorian clothes
A group of Civil War reenactors hanging around the back door of the Hayes home.
Some Civil War songs being played and sung by the reenactors.

There was a large amount of people at this event. It was really nice and had a nice old time feel to it. It was nice to locals here really getting into their history. I find that this is not always the case when we get to the east coast.

This is how we left them all..Playing a concert on the front porch of the Hayes home. It was a lovely time.