Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Was Lincoln gay?

Today there are attempts to claim many things for many people. There have been great men and woman who have changed the course of the world who were gay. There are others who some want to be. I have a hard time with making Lincoln gay.

 His letters to Josh Speed were very warm tender and confiding (the only letters existing like that). Speed and Lincoln were very close and had a very close bond. But to state that this makes him gay is just a little beyond my understanding. They shared a bed for 2 years. Well, in those days who didn't?

 If we call sharing beds a criteria for being gay. I will have to make a list so long it would boggle the mind.

 We have had a gay president already and also a gay vice president. We have a few who dabbled here and there. JFK for instance was one who enjoyed watching sex acts take place on either sex. No one will ever know all of the truth about him, but many old timers in the gay areas of Provincetown, Mass. remember him.

  But this is outside of what we are talking about.  I really doubt Lincoln was gay.  I feel he was often more Asexual than anything else.  Sadly, much of what makes Lincoln, Lincoln does not exist anymore. Just about every letter he wrote to Mary his wife is gone. Robert Lincoln was on a campaign to make sure that he cleansed the image of his father.  Mary Lincoln talked about the passionate letters her husband wrote her and how she was keeping the somewhat yellowed papers. She kept them till Robert Lincoln got them and removed them from our understandings forever. I guess Robert Lincoln could not get his hands on the Speed letters. Although one can imagine that he would have wanted too.

The Lincoln we know today is like a slice of Swiss cheese. We have the slice, but there are many holes in it.

So in closing Lincoln can be whatever we want to make him into. Cause we know so little about his personality, likes, desires, wants, and dreams.  He kept no diaries, had no really close friends, confided in no one (save for a short time with Speed), was secretive in much of his political, social, and private life. But this being so I have my doubts.   I only think in the window of history it is not really our place to make someone this or that. Because we then are not stating facts, we are just speculating.

Some have even said Hitler was gay. There are some similarities between Lincoln and Hitler. Both were ego manics, both rarely confided in others, had no really close friends, both were very sure of themselves, willing to start a war to follow their beliefs. But I cannot say Hitler was gay anymore than Lincoln.

You have to base history on facts..... not just what some people want history to be.