Thursday, January 24, 2013

Electric vibrating football games. I guess every kid played with one and was as frustrated as I

I remember it well. Christmas 1965. My parents bought me, or rather my father bought me, as he was a rabid football fan, an electric vibrating football game board.  Now for all of you who are of a later vintage will look at this and not have the faintest idea of what it was. I understand that as they have been extinct for more than a generation.

But it was a real high tech super game to have in 1965. Cause it used electric power which was cool. It had action, which was cool. Also it was something everyone wanted to see. It was a different age and it was simpler age. We would not complain about this or that as is the style today. Today kids would not even give this kind of game a look. As it is not tied to a computer. Well in 1965, computers were the things of Sci-Fi movies and TV shows

But to be honest, this game was pretty useless.  It contained two teams of players. You needed to put all the decals on each player which took a long time. Set up the kicker so he could kick. Then each player had a weighted bottom so they would stay upright and move a little.  How did they move? There was a little vibrator under the board and you set up the players, turned on the vibrator, and watched the play.

Well, the end result was the players went all over the board and seemed to just go often in circles. Often they would get together and kind of dance. There was no controls to move the players outside of the vibration.

Within a few days there would be little interest in trying to make the game work and you just let the the players wander around or do dances around the board. After that you would see what else would vibrate and try that on the board. In a short while it would go to the island of unwanted toys.

I think I played with mine 3 or 4 times and then gave up on football and tried vibrating coins and little plastic statues and dinosaurs.  I am sure a lot of them were sold in the 1950's through the 1970's and most I am sure met an equal fate.  Another thing you could do is have the kicker kick the ball over the goal post.  Sadly the football was about the size of a large piece of rice and would get lost.  Just like my interest in this game shortly after and I was far more interested again in Rock 'em sock 'em robots.