Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Let's get drunk and truck....Lil Johnson and her Chicago swingers.

Here is a recording you rarely ever see. That is the recordings of Lil Johnson. She was a African American jazz singer who had much of her start in Chicago and started making records. Her records were always jazzy and always really naughty for the time.  Her records that came out in the mid 1930's like this were not big sellers and today few people know or ever heard of her.  But here is a rare example of one of her very suggestive and really jazzy and fun recordings called "Let's get drunk and truck"  Of course we all know what it implies...In the 1930's you could never say that or even hardly suggest it. But she did.  No one knows when she was born or died... But it looks like she had a trucking good time making these records.