Saturday, February 02, 2013

Arthur Field's Melody Record. One rare and odd record label.

In studying what little there is about this label. It is generally quite rare and was sold on a limited basis and sold for only a short while. It was interesting reading what Allen Sutton wrote for the Mainspring Press and also what Ryan Barna wrote about the records and including the location of the shop in which these records were sold.

 This was a record that lasted for less than a year and had very limited distribution.  I am very proud to have one copy of this rare label. I wish it was in better shape, but it is none the less, that label.

I was not at all aware of this label when I found it in 1981.  Things were different then and research on recordings relied mainly on the Fabulous Phonograph and Tin foil to Stereo. Well, I saw this record in a bin under a table at a record show. I knew who Arthur Fields was, but I did not know of this label. Well neither did a lot of other people who I asked... I found a mention in Brian Rust's book but that did not help me much and I was resigned to just wait till I could. 

I also actively started looking for another copy in perhaps better condition. I was not able to find another. This does not mean they were not around but that I did not see one.  I was thinking I would wait till I found another one in better shape and replace this one.

 Well 32 years has gone by and I have yet to see one staring at me. I have seen a few on the internet, but that is all. So this I guess ranks as one of the more elusive records from the 1920's. Not the rarest I am sure, but certainly on page one of list of the rarest records.  For those who have read about this record or have one themselves I thought I would share this one that has been with me for 32 years now. It would be interesting to see who else has these and find out how many are still around.

These two sites will give lots of info on this label.