Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My wonderful Lincoln rocking chair.

My Lincoln rocking chair in my library with a Gramophone behind it..

I was with a dear friend, Chris Lee,  at an auction house a few years ago. The main auction was over and there were a few bits and pieces left. I saw a lovely old Lincoln rocker and inquired about it. It was not sold in the auction so they had lowered the price to $39.00. I felt that was fair and I bought it. It now has a nice place in my library and I use it often.  The reason this style of chair is called a Lincoln rocker is that it is somewhat the same style as the one he was assassinated in 1865.  This chair is somewhat like that, but not at all the exact same type of one.

 But there are a lot of similarities. Note the cut outs of the wood in the arms. They are exactly the same throughout the chair. The frame of the chair is nearly exactly the same. However in the case of Lincoln's rocker, the decorative molding is on the top, rather on mine it is on the bottom. The top of my rocker is plain, as in Lincoln's chair the bottom is plain . My rocker also has the area for padded arms, but at some point someone removed them. So while it is not exactly like the original chair, it is really quite close. Of course I am not speaking of the fabric, as mine was redone at some point of time and probably that original fabric and design was more like the rocker Lincoln used as well.

So I think it was one of the best uses of 39 dollars I have found.

The chair Lincoln was sitting when he was shot.  See how close the design is.