Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Columbia Phonograph, later Graphophone Company advertising records.

The Columbia Phonograph Company were the first to issue on a large scale in the United States Double Disc records. With this new development they put out several advertising records to educate a hungry public.

The first of these recordings was made in 1908-09. It was a well recorded advertising piece read with great vigor by the American singer and bass Frank C. Stanley. (His real name was William Stanley Grimsted ) Stanley's recording was a massively reproduced as it was free. It was a pure and simple advertising record. I am sure it sold a lot of Columbia Double Disc Records.

Stanley's record of 1908-09

While this recording was doing it's job in the United States, there was a massive push in Canada to sell Double Disc Records. There was a special Canadian advertising record made and narrated by Canadian born Henry Burr ( His real name was Harry McClaskey ) This record worked on sales in Canada and did a good job at that.

Burr's Canadian record of 1913-14

Henry Burr did such a good job on the Canadian advertising record he would make a new and improved  Double Disc advertising record. It would be different from the previous one made by Stanley. It would be more involved in the sound and instruments than the first one.

But since Stanley had died in 1910, Burr now became the voice of the Columbia Graphophone Company.

The name changed in 1913, and reflected what they selling, which was the Graphophone and Graphophone records. Edison was selling Phonographs and Victor was selling Victrolas. So Burr would be the spokesman on the final Double Disc advertising record.  Many people I have read have tried to figure out who was making this last record. It was no other than Henry Burr.

Burr's unique 1913-14 advertising record in the United States. It was different from the first one issued as it sold for twenty five cents. But was still a massive seller for the company.

These were the first advertising records for Columbia Disc Records. A unique and special time in the history of the recording industry.