Saturday, May 04, 2013

A 1907 five dollar bill. Not only has inflation shrunk it's value, but look at it's size!

8 Inches wide!!

These bills were nearly 8 inches in width. Compared to the dollars of today they are giants. This bill is from 1907. There was no Federal Reserve, but there was a panic that year. We don't use that word anymore. The government having a financial panic sounds far too awful. So we call them recessions. Sounds safer, doesn't it?

But within 6 years of this bills printing the Federal Reserve would be born. In 1929 the size of the bills would be changed and oddly in that year the value of that money dropped.

But this is an late example of the Greenback bill put through by the Lincoln Administration. On the front side of this bill it states the act of March 3rd 1863. That was the Lincoln Greenback Bill.  As you can see also, Andrew Jackson graced the 5 dollar bill. Soon he would be replaced by the person who issued the Greenback Bill in the first place...Abraham Lincoln