Thursday, May 16, 2013

I have been collecting early recordings for a very long time....An early moment in my career as a collector, captured on film.

I started collecting old records in 1969. I acquired my first old record in my school in Florida.  I have written about it in this blog. (type in phonograph record 1969 to read it.) By 1972 I had around 100 records from 1908 to the 1950's. The records were easy to find and I took every one I could get.  In 1972 the 78 record was still rather common. They had been made till the early 1960's. But my acquiring that first record in January of 1969 set my stars on finding some of the earlier and odder ones.

It was at this time I got to meet a lady named  Nancy, who had an antique shop in Rockaway, New Jersey. I started to haunt her shop and chat with her. I even started to work for her as a kid, in the summer of 1972, I worked for her and made one dollar a day.  She was a kind of hippy of the time. She had done time for performing abortions and had a reputation in town. I did not care what she had done, I thought she was fun. That's all that mattered to me.

 But by the spring of 1972 she would take me for rides in her Mustang convertible. On one joy ride we went to something called "The Pinebrook Auction". It has not operated since the mid 1970's, so it is long forgotten. But while I was there I bought one record. It cost me fifty cents. I was attracted by the color of the record and its fancy label.

It was a Aeolion Vocalion disc record. But the record itself was reddish-brown in color.  The songs on the record  were the Rosary and Drink to me only with thine eyes. I was pretty taken with that record and kept it as a very valuable part of my collection. I liked it so much, that I happened to be holding it when my mother decided to take a few pictures of me and my sisters.

I was under the mistaken belief that this record was very valuable. I had never seen one before. Of course jump up 40 years and I have seen too many of them. But in the spring and summer of 1972, it was my treasure.

 Just recently I found this picture. I remembered the record, and what's more, I still had it. So 41 years ago this month I posed with that record. I have saved it as I have my first record cause it has a great memory.

A memory of times long past, and the fun and somewhat crazy Nancy. Her 1965 Mustang I will always remember. It was first moment of freedom and going beyond the borders of my very narrow existence in my life..

Me and my sisters in May of 1972

I am holding that record of which I was so proud.

That record I bought at the Pinebrook Auction 41 years ago this month

My first record that I got at school in a deal for some pictures in January 1969 that started it all.