Friday, May 03, 2013

The Titanic II.....why? Do you think they can recreate the feeling of the old ship?

Well, it has been said,  that the Titanic II is coming to a harbor near you in 2016.  

Clive Palmer is paying for it. But why? What will we get out of this? There is in our imaginations a special place for the Titanic. We know what it was like or do we? Well they cannot make the ship like it was in 1912 for a whole host of issues. I fear people do not realize what it was like 100 years ago in shipping.

You will not want to live in a ship that is designed like it was in 1912. The rooms mainly were small, no bathrooms in the stateroom and bathtub and shower facilities are down the hall.

The new Titanic, if it is ever built, and I have my doubts. Will be a modern ship trying to look old. The effect will be pretty much ruined for many when they hear their first rap concert, or rock and roll event on the Titanic. No one will be dressed as they were back then. WiFi will be all over, Jeans and Tee shirts will be the uniform of choice. No pool for the people on deck? Of course there will be. Cause who will want to go on a ship that mimics the joys of a 1912 voyage. Even the people who they would like that will quickly sour on the lack of modern joys.  

Will people be able to smoke in the smoking room?  This room will be like it was, a room with dark woods and heavy chairs. A very manly room...I cannot envision the room full of wonderful cigar smoke. The anti smoking crowd will stop the smoking in the Smoking Room. 

I would hope it would have a well stocked library. That was the major thing to do on the Titanic. It was to read and eat. So the libraries were busy places.

I kind of think of the Titanic II (if it is ever built) As a kind of a modern version of the Great Eastern. It will sail for 3 years till the fascination really runs dry. It may happen 2 years earlier too and then become a white elephant with no real purpose or use. 

Otherwise being a ship that cannot recreate the fantasies of those, who think they are entering an enchanted land of their imaginary idea, of what the Titanic was.

Cute idea, but will it really happen? I think this idea has already hit an iceberg....