Sunday, May 19, 2013

A rare piece of mail from the last voyage of the airship Hindenburg

 This letter was dropped off three days before this happened to the Hindenburg in Lakehurst, NJ. On May 6, 1937.

There are rare pieces of this and that around the world. But mail from the Hindenburg on it's last voyage is not common at all.  There was a stop on the final crossing to drop off mail at Cologne was there that a large number of letters were dropped and sent on their way. The Hindenburg stopped there at night, so there are no photographs. 

But there are letters that show that she was there. The mail in most cases was taken to the Hindenburg and stamped by her post office on May 1, 1937. Then as she was ready for her trip to Lakehurst she made one mail stop. From that stop comes this rare letter.  You will see on the front all the various stamps and postal markings, including the Hindenburg's 

On the back of the letter is the receiving date of May 3 1937.  In just three days after this drop off, the Hindenburg would crash and burn in Lakehurst, New Jersey.  Truly a rare piece of history.

Here is the envelope from the Hindenburg's drop on May 3rd 1937.  Note the Hindenburg's stamp marked on the first of May.

The marking of arrival and dated. Evening May 3, 1937 on the back of the envelope.

As she looked at the beginning of the voyage on May 3, 1937