Monday, December 18, 2006

Meeting Cab Calloway in 1986..He was a genius, musically, artistically, and verbally.....Hi de ho!

Cab Calloway as I knew him when I met him at the Meadowlands Racetrack in 1986. He loved horse racing and was always at the track when ever he could be.

Calloway signed this for me as I was working at the Racetrack as an entertainer. He said to me "hey we all have to make a living" He was a nice guy and posed with us as we performed there...He was a class act.

Here he is as a young bandleader, He led his band at the Cotton Club in Harlem...Music and entertainment would never be the same. He changed the style, words, and power of music....He was way ahead of everyone.

Here he is in a zoot suit.....Singing Minnie the Moocher, which was his theme song...Oh Hi-de-ho!!! He created Jive....He was a Salvador Dali among musicians

He was an artist among artists...He changed our language, our styles, our music. He was one of the greats. I really feel honored to have met him. He shook my hand and smiled and said to me "hey we all have to make a living" I remember I sang for him there at the raceway...Back in the days when I could sing...Now I make noise.

He was all alone I remember ...We came to his table and reconized him and he was charming...We sat around and chatted for a bit and he signed this autograph for me.

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The Hi de Ho Man said...

I really do enjoy your view about Cab when you say that he was a "Salvador Dali" among musicians. That's the first time I read that comparision.
Marty PAICH, who was a pianist and arranger in the 50s and 60s was called "The Picasso of Jazz"...

If you want to see more picture, videos and anecdotes about Cab CALLOWAY, feel free to visit my website about him :

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