Friday, December 08, 2006

Teddy Roosevelt IS NOW in space on the Space Shuttle Discovery..The historic cylinder made by Edison is circling the earth ..How cool is that!!!.

This is the cylinder that is on the shuttle now. This recording was made in 1912. The historic recording is making history just like man who is recorded on it is doing.

Side way view of the historic cylinder...It is historic for what it is, but even more so for where it will go. It is now weightless and in an environment that it has never seen in nearly 100 years. How I wish I was with it right now!
The news and newspapers have had fun with the idea of this record going to space. CNN has mentioned it quite often....It really is a neat thing to do

I was given the chance to send something into space.....So I gave to Mrs. Polansky, mother of the Commander of the coming shuttle mission this recording of Theodore Roosevelt. Mark Polansky who is the commander has brought the historic recording along with him.

I came up with the idea of sending a recording of President Theodore Roosevelt into space...Roosevelt was the first President to fly, so symbolically he will go to space as well. This Edison Blue Amberol Cylinder is already historic and now it will make even more history for what it will do!!!!!!...

So on this day December the 9th, 2006 The historic Edison cylinder of Theodore Roosevelt will do what would even make the rough rider gasp with astonishment.

Now as I write this the historic cylinder is circling the earth, and is making history....Much as the two men involved in the making of this recording did. Symbolically Edison and Roosevelt are members of the crew of Discovery.

After the flight the cylinder will be returned .....It will have traveled 5 million miles..and then returned to earth...

The recording will be at the space station for a week or so and I wonder what Edison would say about this if he could...Heck I wonder what Teddy Roosevelt would say?

It will be so exciting to play it when it returns and see if space and none gravity have an effect on a near 100 year old recording...

I am sure Thomas Edison and also Theodore Roosevelt would have approved of this idea...I think it is fun!

I do wish the crew of the shuttle a safe and happy flight...I will be watching and see not only the crew, but Theodore Roosevelt and Edison go into space.....Thank you Mrs. Polansky and Mark,Commander of this mission for allowing me to do this. It is good to have some fun with history ......To quote Roosevelt..."Bully"

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