Saturday, December 02, 2006

The RMS. Titanic ....There is not too much left of her...she is a rusting hulk so save what you can of her!

I have been hearing as of late that the Titanic is rusting away at a very fast rate. I would be of a mind to take whatever can be taken out of the ship to be used in a museum. But there are many who say that the ship should not be touched as it is a grave site. Now if that was standard operations for every other shipwreck I would understand it. But it is not.

Just about every ship that has sunk and rediscovered has been removed of whatever could be. Why not Titanic? Enough of the nonsense, get everything you can out of the ship before it collapses, and have it for the future...It makes sense to me...But some people get so fired up over issues like this, and that is scary.

But get the goods while you can, and show the next few generations what it was like on Titanic, rather than talking about a pile of rust that will soon be on the ocean floor and nothing can be removed from it. The shows that have artifacts from the wreck site have been amazingly popular. Get stuff from inside the ship and it will be a even greater show.

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