Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Enrico Caruso's first recording session in America was at Carnegie Hall in New York City Feb, 1, 1904

Label of the first pressing of Caruso's first session ...Released in 1904

As you can see it was a very costly record...$2.00 each or 20.00 for a dozen

Caruso's first recordings in the United States took place in Carnegie Hall on Feb. 1, 1904. The recording room was room #826.

It was near voice studios so it was problematic at best as they had to record around all the other studios teaching voice. As we know, not all singers were created quite the same...I am sure there were some real wailers there.

Caruso made one series of recordings at Carnegie Hall and then the studios were moved. Today few of the studios or even buildings in which the studios once were exist. Thanks to Isaac Stern Carnegie Hall will be here for a long time to come. So the next time you go to Carnegie Hall, remember that is was there that Caruso made his first American recordings.

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