Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mexico outlawed slavery in the early 1830's, cut back on immigration, and put restrictions on aliens

Mexico in the 1830's was like Florida was in the 1950's till the 70's. People who had a past, had many troubles, losers, and those trying to start anew from the rubble of their past ran there like it was the second coming!

The problem with Mexico was they allowed all of these people (aliens) into their country...Then as time went on the Mexican government was not happy about so many crossing the border. They put restrictions on the illegal aliens...There were limits on how many could come. Then they outlawed slavery...They would not allow slaves to be brought across the border..

This outraged the illegal aliens who went on a rampage. This was what would become the battle of the Alamo!

They defeated the Mexicans after the mess of the Alamo, and created the country Texas.

The first President was Sam Houston, who came to Mexico a few years earlier, he was famous for being drunk more than anyone else.
This group of losers and rag tag people formed this country called Texas. It was not a very noble crowd.

Today I find an interesting mirror reversal with the massive influx of Mexicans to this country...Hopefully they will not fight us in their Alamo, but stranger things have happened. This is a history we don't speak of too often as it makes us look horrid..But this is the truth. Today this country has been stupidly lax on its borders. What will be the result is anyone's guess.

But it is interesting that slavery, and its ending led to much of the trouble in Mexico....

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