Friday, November 24, 2006

The first Red Seal Records made in America by the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1903

This is one of the records from the first recording session at Carnegie Hall in 1903 with Ada Crossley. She was not famous, but her greatest moment seems to have been the first to start this historic series.

The first of the famous Red Seal Recordings that would become world famous were made at Carnegie Hall in New York City.
The recording studio was in studio #826. It was set up in 1903 and the first artist to make recordings there was Ada Crossley. She was a contralto from Australia. She had a rather lackluster career. In fact her most important recordings were made in Carnegie Hall in 1903.

Although the Gramophone and Typewriter Company of England were the first to make Red Seals, the American versions made by the Victor Talking Machine Company would take the world by storm. By 1904 Enrico Caruso would visit studio #826 and make recordings. Some of the greatest voices in the history of singing would in the short space of a year make recordings there.

The recording studio was surrounded by voice studios. This made for some troubles for making records. Soon the studio would be moved to 5th Avenue in NYC.
But the first studio in America to make Red Seal recordings was in that temple of music ..Carnegie Hall on 57th Street in NYC.

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