Monday, November 13, 2006

Edison's last breath....Does it really exist in the Henry Ford Museum???

This is not a joke. You can go to the Henry Ford Museum and see Thomas Edison's last breath in a sealed test tube. Yes you can see it! But is it real?
I am fortunate to have known one of the people who was in that room that night that Edison died, his youngest son Theodore. I asked about that and he said it was nonsense.
Let's think about this...Edison is dying, he is producing a death rattle, and Charles Edison at Henry Ford's request holds a test tube over his fathers mouth as he breaths his last.... capturing the soul and essence of Thomas Edison.

Can you imagine such a scene? Can see Charles Edison straddling his father chest to get one more good gasp out of him...What absolute rubbish!!

Here is the real story.....After Thomas Edison died Charles Edison, who was always the political one of the family, and who also knew it would have media attention...had several test tubes that were in the room that Edison died in sealed to capture the essence of Thomas Edison. This was not done just as Edison died, it was done as an after thought.
Well, it captured the essence of everyone else in the room too!!!

So there is no truth to the last breath....But to this day you can go to the Henry Ford Museum and see Thomas Edison's last breath captured in a test tube.

Oh I heard, that historians from several museums listed how many last breath test tubes exist...I think there are around 150 to 200 of them!!!! I love good real history!!! But this is just so ridiculous I had to write about it! We all need a laugh now and then.....

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