Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The six worst Presidents in American history...Listing only those who have served in the past and are no longer in office.

I am of a belief that the Presidency has had some real losers...Lets look at them....

I am of the thought that Warren G. Harding is not the worst President, nor is Jimmy Carter..But both were pretty much the same..I think that Harding was a bit better than Carter... not too much but a bit....I hear all the time about Carter was on a "nuclear" sub so he must be smart. But do remember he couldn't even say the word on TV...Harding was no brain trust himself..But at least he could speak the language..

Both of them were about as poor as can be. Both had great peace programs..Hardings was on a more massive scale..But Carters was good too. But in both cases is about all that was good with them. It is interesting to see that their terms were so very much the same. Except there was more corruption in the Harding camp, and less intellectual prowess in the Carter one. Lastly Carter finished his term.

James Buchanan was pretty damn bad...Not terrible, but pretty bad. He was about the worst person one could have in the White House when the Civil War seemed like it may become a fact. He was very ineffective (i.e. a sandbag on a chair was as useful as he was)
I would guess that Franklin Pierce is about the worst we can go. Franklin Pierce was perhaps our best looking President..But he was drunk half the time...and when he was not drunk he was awful. He had a great personality, was charming, and had no real backbone. There fore he was very much like the Buchanan camp..Highly useless!!!
Both of these men Buchanan and Pierce allowed the civil war pot to bubble over and they really didn't do anything...All of their mistakes and errors were put on to Lincoln's lap! They are the worst of all.

U.S. Grant was pretty much a disaster as well...Personally he was honest, forthright and good. But he had a very bad sense of understanding other peoples intentions and honesty. He was very much taken advantage of by what he thought were his friends...He left the office personally untouched by the awful crowd he was mixed up in..But once out of office, it was good he was gone.

Old Zack Taylor well he should have never have been President....He was useless in many respects, although he was willing to stand up to southern threats...We will never know what might have happened, or if a Civil War would have taken place during his watch...All I can say is that if a Civil War had to happen it is good it happened when Lincoln was there. I do not believe the country would have survived in 1850, under Taylor, It was just too much beyond him.

Taylors his replacement wasn't much better. Millard Fillmore looked nice..Not too much more can be for he signed the compromise of 1850..Putting the civil war off for another 10 years. He was a great intellectual, but not a leader...He did have the sense to sign the compromise, as it solved the issue for but a moment...

Once again it was not yet time for such a war and Fillmore was not a person who would have been a great leader to do so...

So there is a batch of the really poor Presidents..They tried I am sure, but failed terribly.

These I would say are the six worse so far...They fall under the heading of pretty sad...I am sure as time goes on we will add to the list.

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