Sunday, November 12, 2006

King Tutankhamun A few pictures and information that will help you understand the following story in this blog

The face of Tut as done by experts looking at his skull.

Tut as he looks today

Another recreation of Tut by another expert

The incredible death mask of Tutankhamun

Tut's head as photographed by the Carter team

Lord Carnarvon ...The benefactor who was behind Carters work for 6 years. He was able with Carter to sneak into the tomb the day it was first opened...The fact that this was done was hidden to historians for years.

Howard Carter who was the discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamun. He will forever be linked to the boy king...He is seen hear looking and working on the golden coffin of the king.

Lastly the body of the King Tutankhamun. The sad part was that the only Egyptian king found in his tomb was perhaps the poorest prepared body of them all. There was little left of him. He is in no where near the condition of Ramesses the second or Seti the first. The parts of him that survived where so preserved because they were concealed in gold. Therefore his head and neck, fingers, toes, penis were preserved best.

The next story in this blog will have a full account of the search and discovery of the tomb and the unknown story of the entering of the tomb by Carter, Carnarvon, and Lady Evelyn.


Hasan x said...

King Tut seems to have gotten a whole lot whiter in recent years. Funny how all the other images of him look somewhat familiar, yet one look so off.

Unknown said...

I believe they will continue to get whiter as long as european scholars are interperating Ancient African history.

Anonymous said...

absolutely true, unknown number 1.
Looking at the original photograph of his head, he is obviously black. I am a white guy and say I'd bet any money, looking at both his facial structure and his skull shape he is black - eastern African black looking. Which makes sense as it's congruent with my learnings on who the ancient Egyptians really were. The white powers don't want to admit that the most obviously superior culture before the babylonian and greeks and whoever else was a BLACK culture. The whites pretty much were users and copiers. And a copy is never as good as the original, right?

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