Tuesday, December 12, 2006

William Henry Pratt 1887-1969 ....He was very famous, but I am sure you do not recall his name.... He used another, and I am sure you know it

He had the sweetest personality. He was always giving to charities..He was nothing like the people or things he played in film.

He was great star, he was famous for being a monster. He did many silent pictures. He studied Shakespearian theater. He got a great break in 1931 to play a role that was so different from what he had ever played. In fact he did not even get credit for it. What was the role......... Frankenstein, and what was the name Pratt used...Boris Karloff.

He started there and left us being the voice of the Grinch who stole Christmas...He had a hell of a career...But Mr Pratt was never like any of the creatures he played...He was a sweet, beautiful, shy man. Thank you Mr. Pratt for all the great movies and recordings you made...You made many of us shake with horror and admiration.....

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