Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Meeting and recording Larry Hagman in California in 2003

I was in California to do a talk and show. It was while I was there that the group I came to speak for had set it up for me to record Larry Hagman. He is an interesting man, who lives in a remarkable home with his wife. By the way the home was designed by his wife. It was so huge! They were very nice to me and we made a few recordings. He signed this picture for me while I was there.

His mother was Mary Martin and he of course was in many TV shows. Today many people remember him as JR from Dallas. He was also in I dream of Jeannie.

We spent some time together on at his home. We talked about the TV shows he was in and his mother. His career from its beginnings and of course the politicians. It was at this time that there was war brewing over a new Governor for California and the sitting Governor was kicked out...He had quite a bit to say about all of that......

It was an interesting experience.

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