Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A wonderful day speaking at York Prep school in New York City.

I was invited to speak at York Prep School in New York. It was a wonderful experience. The level of Educational prowess and dedication by the staff is most remarkable. It is of course a private school and does not suffer from the lack of interest and stupidity of Teachers Unions and the like. Therefore they are engaged in the complete art of teaching. I have spoken there before and every time I walk away with a renewed respect for the staff and students of that institution.

I spoke on many subjects ...All dealing with history. But there was a special moment when all of the educators involved in history came together. We started talking of the Presidency. It was amazing that everyone when asked who was the most intellectual, and most learned President..and the one who in their lifetime did the most to effect and improve this country...It was a universal agreement..John Quincy Adams.

He of course is one of my heroes...I have a few, but he truly ranks high on my list of great and noble men who walked the earth. It is rather sad today that few really know much about him...For if they did their jaws would drop in admiration and awe...for what he did.

To York Prep School...Do keep up the wonderful example of education that you provide...I envy those kids..I wish I had the chance to have gone to such a school...But at least now as an older adult I get to share in the joy of learning with the students and teachers there..

To Mike Roper who is perhaps one of the best teachers I have ever seen..I take off my hat to you...He is beloved by all of his students....He is truly an amazing man there at York Prep. I am honored to know him and call him my friend.

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