Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One most unusual biography of Kaiser Wilhelm by Arthur N. Davis

I will not go into great detail on this book. But it is an interesting one and a rather fascinating read. It was written by the last person you would ever think would write a book on the Kaiser....His Dentist!

The book mixes history with repairing crowns,fillings, abscesses, and royal tooth aches. It has in it the banter that would go on between a doctor and a client.

It opens the world of the Kaiser to us better than one would get from a more scholarly book. It shows him at his weakest, when he had tooth ache. Also at his strongest, when he had a cleaning.

But also the Kaiser tells the good doctor all that is wrong and right with America, and the problems that she would face in the future. The book was written in 1918...It is most interesting to see what he had to say...But that will be in a future posting.

Till then Brush your teeth!!!

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