Monday, February 05, 2007

American Bankers Association traveler cheques ...1911-12.... To show how safe they were, they put a very safe ship on their ad!

Yes those Traveler Cheques were as safe as the Titanic!..... Whoops!

This ad which hangs in my library is one of those rare and odd ads that just came out at the wrong time.......You can bet it was not around anytime after the safest ship in the world sank on its very first voyage....Fate is a cruel thing.

As you can guess this is a rather rare advertisement......I found it years ago...and was so shocked as to what it was showing I did not believe it at first...But who knew in 1911...what 1912 was to bring.

The month of April, 1912...I am sure was not a good one for this ad agency.

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Jack said...

It was sad that Winston Churchill used his influence to destroy Tuner to cover his own shortcomings.

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