Monday, February 12, 2007

A rare book find on the streets in New York

The cover of this most amazing children's book from over a century ago..It is in very good condition....Very good for being nearly 104 years of age.

There are many illustrations by the artist Karl Moseley...Like this one which says "Grandfather's reminiscences of the Mexican war"

The first edition of this book was marked September, 1903

While walking on the street in New York..I happened on to this book. It is from 1903 and written by Joel Chandler Harris 1845-1908...It is full of many illustrations. It talks of flying through time and space to another world.

It is most interesting that the book deals with flying and the first flight by the Wright Brothers was only 2 months later. What the author writes of is something we still only dream of space and time travel...

This book is in wonderful condition and a wonderful relic of another age.

There is something wonderful about children's books from the 19th and early 20th century....

I did research on this book and was surprised to see how much money people were paying for it in auctions. So my $10.00 investment with a street vendor was quite well worth it...These things do not happen often..I can get another copy if I wish to impart with $150.00..