Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Hamilton Burr duel....Let's look at what is was.

It has been over 200 years since these two men faced each other in New Jersey and make outlandish fools of each other.
Hamilton, let us not mince words ...was a nasty rotten bastard to put it mildly. Aaron Burr was a nasty bastard as well. Of the two I like Burr better, but not by much.

So these two idiots had a duel...Burr should never have given that turkey Hamilton immortality. Burr for the rest of his life suffered for it, although many people where privately happy Hamilton was gone.
Few people liked either of them. I have often wished Hamilton had killed Burr...But such is life and death.

Hamilton did his best to destroy many peoples lives...There were few as really rotten and awful as he. Burr was almost as bad as Hamilton..But he did not try to wreck as many lives. Hamilton was truly one of the greatest snakes in the grass.

Both men were brilliant, both men were great patriots, both men were great ego maniacs. Burr's actions in the American revolution were amazing...Hamilton's creation of the American money system was wonderful. But both men were truly nasty people. But as I said before Hamilton was by far the most nasty. What he did to John Adams was worthy of a firing squad...As fortune would have it he got one.

I will leave this saying Hamilton hated Burr and did his best to destroy him as he had so many other people...
Sadly he was successful..But at least Burr had some satisfaction too..Burr was the last person Hamilton could hurt...He did it posthumously.

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