Thursday, July 05, 2007

Adolph Hitler.His book Mein Kampf (My struggle) was written in 1924, yet no one read it! First complete version in the USA not printed till 1939!

This is the first complete version of Mein Kampf made in the United States. Not printed till 1939! In fact the publishers apologise for some mistakes that may exist as they rushed it along.
There were several versions of the book in a condensed scale but never was there a complete version of the book till the outbreak of hostilities. As you see in this book. This was done in 1939 and France was still....France.

No one listened to Hitler till it was too late. He gave us several warning cries...but we did not listen. We are not listening now...There are many cries going on today that are just as frightening as Hitler, maybe more so!
I would like to issue this page as a warning. That we should listen to what our enemies say. As Winston Churchill once said that if there ever was a war that was preventable, it was World War Two. Hitler was telling in the 1920's what he wanted to do.

But we all put our heads in the sand.

I have often written here that it is 1938 all over again in this world. Listen to what others are saying, and take those warnings seriously! The world of 10 years from now will be very different from today!....Stop, Look, and Listen. The world is on the verge of a great conflict. I do not see it as it was in 1939, but now the toys have changed, the rules have changed.

History teaches us to see the folly of man. If mankind is wise he will learn from the foolishness of his nature. But sadly history teaches us that we are creatures of habit and routine. Read what others write....Listen to what others say....They are not saying what they do for enjoyment...It is part of the human animal, a warning cry!