Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Playing cards from the early days of the Lusitania and Mauretania circa 1907 They show the Lusitania in her first color style.

RMS Lusitania 1907-1915 ...This famous liner was sunk by the Germans on May 7, 1915. Note that the bow of the liner is painted black like all of the hull. Now look at the pictures below and see how the Lusitania might have looked. But in this picture she arrives on her maiden voyage. Only on her trials was she ever painted with a white bow. So these cards depict her right from her beginnings before the Mauretania was in service.
Playing cards showing the Lusitania in her original colors and layout. That makes me think they are very early. If you look at the card below you will see that the ship on top is the Lusitania as she had originally her top deck of the bow painted white like other ships before and after her. It was very becoming. But the Cunard Line decided against that and painted all of her bow black as you can see in the first photograph of her. So that makes me think that these cards are very early. Obviously before 1915. Look at the card below and you will see the many qualities of the Cunard ships...Speed, safety, luxury, and comfort. These cards could have easily have been on her and I would not be surprised to find that they were. But I can never quite prove it.
Here you will see the Lusitania on her trials. You can see the white painted bow. How nice it looked. I have always wished they had kept her that way. What a beautiful ship she was.