Tuesday, July 10, 2007

President John F. Kennedy's warm and lovely letter to a little boy in 1961

Think as you may of JFK, and there are more things said of him in a positive and negative way than perhaps any President of the last 50 years.
But be that as it may, Jack Kennedy had an abiding love for children. He was often seen writing little letters to children.
Once when his new born son was in the hospital he went by the room where two very sick children were and he wrote little notes to them. There was no press there, it was just his way with children. Sadly his little son Patrick would die.

With that being said I wanted to show this transcript of a letter that was written by Kennedy to the son of Professor J. K. Galbraith of Harvard.
He had selected Galbraith to the post of the American Ambassador to India. Galbraith's son Peter was none to happy to leave his home, friends and school.
Despite his own busy schedule he took the time to explain the parallel in Peter's new experience with his own background as the son of, and part of the family of an ambassador.

I find it one of the most beautiful letters ever written from the desk of a President to a little boy.