Friday, July 27, 2007

John Adams view on how posterity would view American independence and the revolutionary war

John Adams had no allusions as to how he would be remembered historically. He knew that Jefferson would get the sole credit for the Declaration of Independence. He knew his work to raise funds to make the revolution possible would not be remembered. He knew all of his measures that would make the revolution possible would not be remembered. He felt that Franklin did everything in his power to over shine him. He felt few would remember it was He who nominated George Washington to be General in Chief of the Continental Army. While Adams had a great power for jealousy, he also had a great mind for humor. He was a natural comedian when the times were right.

He wrote down in a humorous fashion one day how the war for independence would be recalled.....

"Franklin did this, Franklin did that, Franklin did some other damned thing…Franklin smote the ground and out sprang George Washington, fully-grown and on his horse….Franklin then electrified him with his miraculous lightning rod and the three of them— Franklin, Washington and the horse—conducted the entire Revolution by themselves.”

That is pretty funny!

Sadly few know much of the history of the battle for independence, or the war that resulted from our declaration of that state of being.
John Adams knew in the early 19th century that the history had already been written and the hero's selected.
Most of them were busy campaigning to promote their legacy, while Adams was promoting the country and independence.
They made sure everyone knew much about them and the public followed like in a trance. Adams knew that Franklin,Jefferson, and Washington made sure that they were well known to the people.
The people knew their hero's, and Adams knew he was not one of them.

Amazingly, he is an equal to them all..As he was the spark plug that got us to do what no one else had the nerve to do...Push for independence and become a new nation. I do hope someday for a ADAMS MEMORIAL IN WASHINGTON!!! Few deserve it more!