Wednesday, July 04, 2007

When did the United States really become Independent? It was not July 4, 1776!!!

The American Delegates to the Treaty of Paris which included John Adams, John Jay, and Benj. Franklin. The British Delegates refused to pose for this picture of this most historic event and the picture remained as you see it...Unfinished.

I know we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Of course as I have mentioned before that did not happen that day.
But in reality the Declaration of Independence did not give us independence. It just expressed our desire to gain it!

We fought an amazingly successful revolution, and compared to the French revolution, a rather bloodless one.

Many great and noble men were killed fighting for our independence, but compared to most revolutions it was most successful and without many riots, murders, and class warfare.
Even though it was not commanded well at times. It was through chance, Benj. Franklin, the French, George Washington, great and noble young and old men, John Adams, the Dutch, and the help of many foreign nationals that made it a success.

The final battles were fought in 1781, and yet we were not independent, we were still part of England.
It was not till September 3, 1783 that we gained our independence from England.

So remember that day too, for that was the day that the United States of America became a reality!