Friday, September 25, 2009

Betty White's first moment on TV. In Hollywood...In 1939!!!

Betty White was born in Jan 1922 and to this day is an institution in the entertainment field. She has been a icon on TV for 60 years. But her first moment on TV started 10 years before her professional career.
She was asked to be a part of a team to do an experimental TV program in 1939. It was done in Hollywood, at the local Packard dealership. Years ago there was a car called a Packard, however they have been gone since the 1950's.
She performed on the 6th floor of the Packard Building in a small cramped very hot studio. The program was broadcast on the ground floor and shown in between the Packard automobiles. It was the future, and now 70 years later that person who did one of the earliest TV performances in history is still a part of TV. That is longevity.

One of the finest performers and comedians who has graced the screen is Betty White. I hope she is with us and a part of our entertainment for many years to come. I just wanted to share this special piece of her history with you all.