Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A special theater program that was done all over the United States for the victims of the San Francisco earthquake in 1906

The great earthquake took place in April of 1906. As soon as the news had reached those in the theater, they did what they did best....act. Not only did they perform they traveled to many cities to raise money to help 300,000 homeless people. As you can see in this collection of newspaper clippings from 1906. There were many on the road to do what they could. Great names such as Sarah Burnhardt, Julia Marlowe, E. H. Sothern, Christie MacDonald, Gertrude Lawrence, Miss Caro Roma, Robert Loraine, E.S. Willard, and William F. Connor and hundreds more
When San Francisco went down in ruins it was not only shattered but then burned down as the fire prevention system stopped working. That really meant the water lines were shattered in the earthquake. There were many airings of this traveling program and many were done in major cities where they would get more bang for the buck. Below you will see a program from one of those events, which was presented on April 27, 1906 in Chicago.