Sunday, September 27, 2009

The day I watched a disaster. My original and erratic notes taken during the World Trade Center attack. Done in the only book I could find.

This is the raw data....It is not pretty, well written, or done with too much thought. It was as I saw the attack on September 11, 2001. I grabbed what ever I could find to write in. I could not find my ledger in which I usually wrote in. So I grabbed the first book I could find and wrote in the back of it. It turned out to be a book on the Titanic disasterIt was written with fear, amazement and awe. It was a terrible sight, it was horrible to put it best. What I wrote was of a person looking at something with horror. I used words I would rarely use in my normal way of writing. It was not a normal day. It was a day that I hope we never see again.
Now this book has taken on a new piece of history for me. For it is part of history. I do not know how many people were writing when the disaster was going on. But I would gather it was not too many outside of the news. I have quoted from this. When I do I usually clean it up and make more sense out of it. But here it is raw and in its form as I saw things happening.

One thing also to mention, I would write a line and look around. So the time that I took to write would be a while at times. I was not writing all the time. I was watching and listening. So I would add a line here and there as the morning, afternoon and evening progressed.