Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The memorial address on the life and character of William McKinley. The memorial address read by his friend, the Honorable John Hay..Feb. 27, 1902

President McKinley was assassinated the Pan -American Exhibition in Buffalo, New York. He died from the effects of his wounds on September 14, 1901. The entire country went into deep morning of the kind it had not seen for years. McKinley was universally beloved by friends and foes alike. There was a national funeral that went from New York State to Washington DC to Canton, Ohio. The memorial address was read by McKinley's friend and Secretary of State, John Hay. Who was met at the reading with great cheers. It was a sobering address that went into detail of the warm and gentle character of the late President.

This book was printed and was a souvenir of that event.The booklet printed by act of Congress and published in 1902.
John Hay 1838-1905 This man was not only the secretary to Abraham Lincoln, but was Secretary of State to both William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.