Friday, September 11, 2009

The day I first met Franco Corelli and the book he signed for me

I recall when I first met Franco Corelli. It was through my friend Jerome Hines. I have written about this before, but I never showed the book that Corelli signed for me. We talked for hours and had dinner and then I drove the Corelli's home. I never knew at the the time that we would meet several times and share a number of dinners and talks. So I came to this gathering with a camera and my Corelli book. I thought it would be my only chance. I guess I looked silly, but I wanted to get it signed. Corelli signed it in my car in front of his home at Hemisphere House on 60 West 57th Street.This is us at dinner that first time we met. Corelli, Mrs. Corelli w/dog, me, and Jerry Hines.
This is the book I bought to have Corelli sign. Mrs. Corelli told me that they were working on a book. I am not sure if that ever materialized.
Corelli's autograph in the book. Soon we would meet often, and an autograph became the last thing in my mind. But I am glad I did this the first time we met.

This was a CD in the book. I remember Franco saying "Look mama, we don't get royalties from this recording." We laughed and said good night. Soon we would have dinner a number of times at Jerry Hines House and share many wonderful times.

I was so very lucky to know those wonderful people.