Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The assassination of President William McKinley September 6, 1901 Part 1

President William McKinley was shot at the Temple of Music at the Worlds Fair in Buffalo, New York on Sept 6th 1901

Within a week he was dead of the Assassins bullet

McKinley as he rides down the parade route the day before the assassination

His last speech

His last photograph as he goes up the stairs of the Temple of Music...

The assassination of McKinley at the Temple of Music by Leon Czolgosz...The gun was hidden in a bandage on his hand. Therefore he could come right up to the President...and when he did so he shot him point blank!

McKinley's death mask

The site of the assassination in the Temple of Music from the New York Herald Sept 8, 1901

President William McKinley was one of the most beloved of all our Presidents. Yet few know of him. I will be doing a few articles on the assassination from a massive scrapbook made professionally in 1902 from Newspaper clippings of the time. With this, I can give some unusual information about the affair that shook the United States and the world.

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